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Philly has some good- eating Restaurants!

This week our pick is Maggie’s Waterfront Restaurant. Philly is known for their cheesesteak invented by Pat Olivieri at Pat’s Steaks.
The famous true Philly cheesesteak requires thinly sliced beef with onions and a crusty roll with hot Cheez whiz.
Philly is not just known for the philly cheesesteak.
We have good restaurants and mouthwatering recipes with a family atmosphere.
Folks in Philly take their food seriously. Check out Maggie’s Waterfront restaurant with a sports bar
that sits on the Delaware avenue waterfront. If you’re looking to go out to eat this is the perfect restaurant.
They have tasty selection of Food & Drinks. Daily & Monthly Specials available with side orders of all different types of soups, for those cold dining days out.
Located at 9242 north Delaware avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19114.

Quote of the day.

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